Strides Forward

Hello Readers,
I reached a wonderful milestone: My book is available in store! The wonderful people at Just Games in Penfield took a shipment of my book and are selling them now. I have autographed each copy, and if I am in the store (which is often), I’ll gladly personalized it for you. I have frequented Just Games since it started many years ago and am always greeted with friendly staff, including the owner and his wife who are there most days, who know their stuff.

On the story front: I am nearly done with the short novella connecting The Edge of Snow and Dust with its sequel. The novella, tentatively titled, “The Wing” follows a girl during the Slaughter at Skord from the first book and its implications into the future. Once that is complete, I’ll be focusing more on the second book in the Star Soul Series, with a title I’ll reveal later.
Until then please check out Just Games wonderful supply of games and pick up a signed copy of The Edge of Snow and Dust.

Take care!

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