A Great Launch

Hello Readers,

Two weeks have passed since I published The Edge of Snow and Dust. First off, thank you! Thank you to everyone who bought either a digital or paperback copy. To update the book’s report page and see the sales number climb was exhilarating.  As I was telling a close friend, the story I had could only come alive when someone read it. When it was in my head, or silent on my computer, it still wasn’t alive. Not until you the reader breathed life into it as your eyes traveled across its pages. So for that, thank you so much. And thank you to all those who liked and shared my Facebook post, it helped spread the word and calm my nerves those first few moments after publishing. It was a wonderful moment of many firsts. My first published novel, my first digital sale, first paperback bought. It was all very exciting. Now not all of it was stress free and fun.

There were a few technical errors such as when the paperback went live. On Amazon’s back-end, I linked the two versions of the novel. The ebook was formatted and uploaded first with the paperback following a few days later. The ebook had the official release date, so when I finished and uploaded the paperback I thought it would do the same. Nope! Instead, it went live a few days early. I learned much and gained a real morale boost, both of which will carry me into the second book. But first a bit of business news –


The novel at the moment is only available on Amazon ($2.99 for the ebook, $15.99). I know some people don’t have Kindles or shop at Amazon. I am looking into getting it onto Barnes and Nobles website and maybe even getting it carried at their Webster location. I’ll keep you updated on that front.

The other is book signing. A lot of people were wondering if I would sign their book in the Rochester area. Of course I would! I am exploring bookstores for a book signing event, either solo or with other aspiring authors. Again, I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Now onto the second book. While I worked on the publishing process for Book 1 of the Star Soul Series, I had already begun planning and plotting the second with a bonus. I’ll be writing a short story leading into the second book and it’ll be free! I’ll post it here on the website with a mailing list. Then you’ll be notified the moment Book 2 is released.

That’s all I have at the moment. Next week I’ll discuss my plotting process and hopefully have even more great news to share. Until then. . .

Take care!

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