The Day Has Come

Hello Readers,Scribe

This is it! The week of release! It has taken me a lot of long hard hours, plotting, writing, revising, and learning to get here. But here we finally are.

Both the ebook and the paperback of The Edge of Snow and Dust will be available this Friday July 19th! I’ll be posting a link to the page at 8am here and on Facebook, so stay tuned!

Let me go into a few quick details about the release and at the end I’ll reveal the book cover!

My career as a writer will be different. As a customer, I’ve noticed several trends bothering me. I play video games, a lot, and the quality-to-cost nowadays is grossly disproportionate. There are $60 games giving you only an hour or two of content. You hear game making is expensive then find out the CEO of the company is pulling in tens of millions of dollars. That’d be fine if the average Joe wasn’t drowning in bills and yearning for a raise. Therefore, I am going to breakdown the cost of each of my books so people know exactly what they are getting when they buy my stories.

I am releasing The Edge of Snow and Dust in both ebook and paperback form. The ebook of 168,000 words (the average for fantasy is closer to 100,000) will cost $2.99 with my royalty being $2.01. Checking Amazon’s metrics and my own research, $2.99 is the average. So you are getting 68,000 words over the average for the average price!

The paperback will cost $15.99. It is 6 inches by 9 inches and 499 pages. Most of the fantasy novels I researched are 5 to 5 1/2 by 8 and average around 500 pages. Again more bang for your buck. It cost $6.84 to make the book and Amazon gets their 40% cut. I earn then $2.76 with each paperback sold. That extra 75 cents above the ebook royalty is because. . . IF you buy the paperback, you get the ebook for free! I’ve gone through too many experiences where I had the “analog” copy of a product only to realized I needed to buy the “electronic” version for convenience. So it was wonderful when I saw the option to give you the electronic for free.

And I’ll do this for each of my books. I want you, the reader, to know what you are paying for. I hope, somehow, this starts a trend where producers of art or any kind of product shows you the cost to make the item and the profit to be gained. Maybe it’ll slow down the need to maximize profits and shift people’s focus to just producing good works.

Now on to the cover! I went to, a website for freelancers, and found someone to create my book cover. I messaged her a few times with my idea for a cover, setup a payment with the website, and she produced the cover within a week. The first version I got had a few elements I wanted and a few that needed correcting. Then back and forth we went until I felt it captured the story. I then spent another week myself making a few changes here and there and this is the result. The cover to – The Edge of Snow and Dust.

The Edge of Snow and Dust Book Cover Front (Fin)jpg

Keep an eye out for this cover and the link to the book page this Friday. Then please enjoy a story I’ve worked hard on and cared passionately about for the past few years. And this is only the start, I’ve already started writing the second book in the Star Soul Saga with a tie-in short story. So please continue to join me on this journey of fantasy stories about magic and might.


Take care!

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