The Core Is Done. Time To build The Frame.

Hello Readers!

A few days ago I posted the completion of The Edge of Snow and Dust. It was hard and long journey, but I learned so much. The writing process took about five months. The editing took another two. It would have been longer if I hadn’t found a great program: ProWritingAid. The program’s UI is simple and effective but its real features came in its stages and explanations. Grammar, syntax, word usage, verb tenses, it breaks them all down into steps. And within those steps are explanations and examples to teach you as you edit, which only speeds up editing as you notice on your own the various ways

to make your writing tighter and more effective.

With the editing done I had to decide how people would read my novel. Digital is the most convenient but there is still a strong desire to hold something tangible in your hand. For digital I used Amazon’s tools to format the font, chapters, even parts of the design. For paperback I studied the types and sizes the fantasy genre used and came up with the dimensions and style for my book. The Edge of Snow and Dust will be printed  6 X 9 with an inch and a third spine with 520 pages. 6 X 9 is the largest I could get without it being a strange custom made book which would only add to the cost.  There are smaller sizes such as 4 X 7 or 5 X 8, but I would have to compromise on the font, making it difficult to read, or add more pages making them almost a thick as they were long. So make room on your shelves for a great 6 X 9 written with passion and care.

And as a bonus to all those who’ve followed my journey, I’ve added below the official back cover to The Edge of Snow and Dust with the finalized story blurb to jump start your imagination. In a few days I’ll reveal the final cover and the cost br

eakdown for the novel.

Take care!


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