It’s Been A Journey, But We’re Now On Our Way.

Hello Readers!

The title of today’s post couldn’t be more true. I posted on Facebook a few times over the past couple months reporting my progress with finishing and editing The Edge of Snow and Dust. When I finished the complete rewrite it came in at about 200,000 words, or about 2/3 the length of the first Game of Thrones book. But through the power of editing I cut it down to 170,000 words. I then gave it one more pass and cut it down to 168,000 words. And with that…


I finished! My “Edit” book marker slid past the last page. And it felt great! Now that didn’t mean I had reached the finish line, but I had finished telling my story. No more edits, no more rewrites, it was as I wanted it, and boy was it a journey. A wonderful person who accompanied me was a YouTuber named Martin Molin. Martin is a musician in a band called Wintergatan. It follows his journey as he builds a huge marble machine to play music. (

I watched as he took big leaps forward, hit concrete walls, then found a way through them. He was experiencing on a big mechanical scale what I was on a small creative scale. As he tried to solve the marble lift portion of his machine, I would try to figure a way to connect two plot points together seamlessly. As he pushed forward, so did I. I would set a goal at 2,000 words a day but get so caught up in the moment of a scene, that I’d end the day with 6,000. I felt the thrill of writing again. And now as Martin said “It’s been a journey, but we’re now on our way.”

My next post will focus on the next steps towards publishing The Edge of Snow and Dust: front matter and book size, book cover, pricing, and distribution.

Take Care!

One thought on “It’s Been A Journey, But We’re Now On Our Way.

  1. Cerenity

    I am so excited that you have finally finished writing your first book. But your journey is just beginning and I am looking forward to continuing along this path by your side!!❤


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