Reached the Summit

Hello readers!

I have some wonderful news, but first an apology. I am sorry for the long gap in posting. I know I said I would be posting more frequently after I decided to make this my career, however I had to adjust that.

Firstly, I was spending a lot of time writing and editing the post. I would sit in front of my computer at my website’s dashboard, trying to think of a good topic. I would come up with a few rough ideas, draft a post for each then see which felt right. Once I had settled on one I would edit and add to the draft. All this took time, time away from writing The Edge of Snow and Dust. Secondarily, I was writing just so you the readers had something to keep you interested in the website. I felt that should not have been the case. I already promised myself I would not be one of those Youtube streamers with the list videos: “10 characters that should be in your novel,” “20 things I wish I did differently” etc. I understand why they do it. While you are watching their videos they are establishing a connection which they hope translate into a sale when they publish their book. Something about it felt off, so instead I just did not post. I did something radical: I rewrote the whole thing!

During my last couple of posts, I was editing the tenth version of my story but it still did not feel write. First off, I was using outdated software to write which was slow and constantly disrupted my flow. Then after upgrading, I struggled to find the right environment. When should I write, should I have music in the background, should it be after dinner or before breakfast. And that is not even focusing on how to write. So after taking a week off to reset, I sat down and started back at the prologue. Line by line, story-point by story-point I tore down what was there and rebuilt it. Character names changed, backgrounds were tightened up, locations shifted, the world itself was rebuilt with a history that was clear to me. There was not a single sentence that I did not examine, not a single paragraph that was not altered.

So with that said, I have some great news: IT’S DONE!

I finished my manuscript after rebuilding it practically from scratch. At the moment it is 381 paperback pages (if I did my formatting right) with over twenty characters spanning twenty-five chapters. All of it reforged till what was before me was my best. Now it is time for the busy work. I have entered the “Beta Stage” of publishing a first novel. That entails gathering together a group of readers and presenting them with my manuscript, and see how they feel. They will give me feedback into how they feel with characters, how lost they were with particular scenes, and the general emotional state they find themselves in. With that feedback I check it against what I want them to feel, to know, to see. I could have an idea for a character, put him on paper, and feel the audience will resonate with them. However my beta readers could look at the same character and see the confidence as arrogant and reject them, which could have long reaching consequences for the rest of the novel.

Therefore I am asking for dedicated readers willing to read my novel and give me the critical feedback I need. I would send them portions of the story, three chapters or four at a time, and receive notes after each portion. That way the raw emotions and important questions will still be fresh in their mind. Then after they’ve finished I’ll send it off to an editor for a final line-edit then off to the printers! All those who give me feedback from start to finish will receive a signed copy of The Edge of Snow and Dust, and a mention in the acknowledgement page. So please, message me either on my Facebook page (where I usually post these links) or here, and we can work together to make The Edge of Snow and Dust a success.

Thanks and take care!

One thought on “Reached the Summit

  1. Doriy Jackson

    After reading the prologue of “The Edge of Snow and Dust” I would very much like to be included in reading your book along with giving you feedback. Since, after reading the prologue, it left me wanting more. It would be interesting to read the changes you have made. I’m sure it’s even better then the first time I read it. I do not have a face book account, but I do have an e-mail where
    you could send me the link/chapters. I look forward to reading your book. Thanking you in advance for including me.



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